Message From the Moderator

Welcome to the Relicblade Alliance.  This is a fan made community site to bring together as many resources as possible to extend the enjoyment and the longevity of Relicblade.  From new environments, scenarios, and cards to custom coding projects like the Monster Field Guide, we hope to offer anything you might need to get the most out of your Relicblade models.

A couple things I'd like to mention include that we are in no way directly affiliated with Metal King Studios.  What this means is that any graphics done by him are owned by him and not by us.  If Sean wants us to take down something he feels doesn't well represent his brand, we will.

We want to promote artistic integrity.  So, custom scenarios that get published to the website should be done with custom artwork, royalty free imagery, or using one of our templates available on our Scenario Resources page (within the Scenarios area).  With the amount of available resources out there, we don't need to encourage the uncredited appropriation of others hard work.

The Kickstarter is Over, but much can be had at

The MonsterCard project was designed, and developed by David Porter.  He has graciously provided the source files necessary for us to host it, and we hope it gets a tremendous amount of use.